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I'm Just Not the Right Inspector for You

Have you ever had a client or inspection that you wish you had listened to the little voice in your head and politely declined it?  Well it's not always that easy and sometimes hind sight is 20/20.  Short of quoting some extreme price or indicating that your foreseeable schedule is full. There is not much you can do with difficult clients. Here are some interesting experiences that we found on an inspector's message board. Enjoy!

One wrote me today telling me she was unhappy with the inspection because the home was dirty when she moved in (it was occupied at time of inspection). Despite myself AND the agent explaining nicely to her that cleanliness isn't part of an inspection, she's still disappointed. 

I have another paranoid client who thinks a perfectly good condo is a death trap and she found some mold inspector who told her the house if full of obvious mold that I should have seen (never mind my photos show otherwise). Her agent is fed up with her too and told me she won't represent this client any longer if the client doesn't buy this place. 

And then there is the person who called me because because I was highly recommended to them by numerous people on a facebook ground, but didn't book because she thought she deserved a discount for being a member of this facebook group, and that I couldn't provide an estimate of how much it would cost to clean up the backyard. But she's also negotiating directly with a the seller without an agent, so maybe that's a good thing she didn't book,because the people who try to act as their own agent always call back with 101 questions they should be asking their agent, not their home inspector.

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