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The Program

1000 Pencils donated to  Matthews Charter Academy by Perception Property Inspection Services

It's simple give to the community and it will give back. 

That's the underlying goal of our community service program.  Investing in our community and future generations.

The "Be Cool, stay in school" program is so simple and easy. We've taken the most basic of school supplies, a pencil, imprinted it with the slogan and are putting them in the hands of school children.

Providing them with a useful and sometimes needed supply while providing a message they can carry with them while serving as a reminder to say in school. 

Get Involved

Thanks to Home Vue Inspections for sponsoring a school!

We're looking for local area home inspectors and other businesses to team up and sponsor a school.

Participation is so easy. 

  1. Send us an email  saying your interested.

  2. You can select the school or we can for you.

  3. We'll provide the BIG pencil that stays with the school

  4. We'll order the pencils, you pay for them (about $.22 per pencil)

  5. We'll arrange to deliver them and for the photo op.

  6. We'll post to our social media sites and issue press releases to local media outlets mentioning your company (You can too)

  7. You receive the satisfaction of giving back and helping out.

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