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We are on a mission to help professional home inspectors succeed.

We know there’s a difference between true professionals and everybody else. 

If you do, too, then we have the network for your home inspection business.

Home Inspector Resources for training and education

01. Inspection Knowledge Bank

Grow your home inspection business

02. Business

Professional home inspectors at work and play

03. Our Inspector Network

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Find a Home Inspector
What is a home inspection?

Real Estate Agents

 We know a realtor’s job is not easy and there are many steps to navigate in order to ensure a smooth transaction and satisfied client.  Selecting and referring a professional home inspector with experience, knowledge and training is essential.  We're your access to a network of professional home inspectors. 


​You've spent days searching for just the right home, it's a complex and lengthy process filled with worry and anticipation as your making a number of significant decisions.


Selecting a professional home inspector  will give you confidence and peace of mind. Let our inspector network help you select the right inspector and properly prepare for a home inspection. 

Why hire a professional home inspector

Home Inspectors

Membership can only do so much. We can provide the tools and network for you to grow your knowledge and skills but, ultimately you need to make the commitment to join, participate and use the tools our network provides.

Home inspection referral partners for service professionals

Service Professionals

​Home inspection is like directing traffic. Our job is to identify components and systems in need of further investigation, replacement or repair.  Its then up to other service professionals to implement those actions.

Maintaining a good relationship with a network of trusted service professionals who we can refer to with confidence is essential.  Our associate membership program builds these relationships and provides your with significant referral opportunities. 

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